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Business Intelligence Reporting Services

For healthcare industry, it is a requirement to analyze the data from the operations to collect, transform, and report from various data sources and present it in a visual manner to become informed by data through business intelligence strategy. Medical Billing Reporting solution brings powerful enhancement to management decision-making processes on which services need more focus on developing. It also helps out in practice financial information, Aging and Account Receivable, Charges and Payment, Submission and Rejections Denials, monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and generate accurate reports.


CareClaimz will give you a unique direction and keep an eye on your practice health data through their Business Intelligence Reporting System. We analyze historical practice data as Payment to Charge ratios (PC%) Patent aging, Appointment Reminders, Most common CPT & DX code combinations by payment and information that let them understand business performance at a glance, identify emerging risks and important trends early, and detect and investigate problems as they arise Business Intelligent organizations have better control over their processes and standard operating procedures.  The visibility of these functions is improved by a Revenue Cycle Management Reporting system as it delivers fast and accurate information to decision-makers using a variety of data sources without assistance from a Software vendor to run complex reports. Our Business Intelligence reporting team extract the data by using different reports and tools and make it presentable through designs and show them in dashboard summary for the better position of the business.  All of these things come together to create a comprehensive view of a business strategic initiatives to help a business make sound and actionable decisions.

Business Intelligence Reporting Solutions

CareClaimz always suggest analysing your business before we talk about solutions. It gives us the best basis to make a difference for your business. Every week, our reporting team prepare all clients a practice health presentation to facilitate the client to understand current financial growth improvement trends chart-flow and guide them what factors are improved and what are facing problems to gain monthly practice estimated payment target. We provide you fast and accurate Comprehensive Revenue Management Cycle Reporting features.

  • Valuable business insights and competitive analysis
  • Increased client satisfaction and better data quality
  • Increased operational efficiency by Identifying market trends
  • Improved, accurate decisions with competitive analysis
  • Increased revenue by fast and accurate reporting
  • Improved visibility through actionable Information
  • Measurement of the performance of business metrics by our reporting team