Medical Billing & Coding Solutions

Medical Billing Service

It is not an easy task to handle the demands of business and practice simultaneously. Hard work is required to make sure everything is running smoothly from practice to delivery of quality patient care, increased cash-flow to higher productivity, and compliance with continuously changing regulations and payer guidelines.

Don’t worry! We are here to help you with a customized medical billing process and best medical billing solutions. We have a full spectrum of practice management solutions for all healthcare providers that will help you in the best possible way. Our services consist of all the functions including the patient’s registration, insurance card verification, encounter forms diagnosis, treatment, coding analysis, claim formulation, patient bill or statements for charge submission, auditing on accounts receivable and unpaid claims posting charges to the patients account after payer collections. After that, the collected data is entered into patient accounting software. The billing process also includes the submission of charges to third-party payers and patients. Then posting patient transaction through an explanation of benefits (EOB) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and following up on outstanding accounts.


As we are extending our best-in-class medical billing and management services that provide advanced financial and practice analysis support. With a full suite of practice management and willingness to work with your team to tailor a solution that best serves our client’s requirement will ultimately help you to focus on patient care and professional practice and growth.

Our full suite practice management and billing solutions help you in the elimination of all charge entry, claim submission, payment posting and follow-ups.

We provide complete management and billing solutions

  • Claim submission and help in tracking to ensure payment on time
  • Remittance advice posting and Payment verification
  • Development of new payer rule in order to monitor changes and to keep payment on track
  • Clearing claim in advance for clean claims
  • Continuous follow-up process so nothing gets delayed or left behind
  • Can handle Web-based billing software that is easy to use and offers the best system to streamline, manage and track financial and administrative processes.
  • Availability of completely customizable reports in real-time that provides detailed visibility into practice performance and denial trends.
  • Information regarding insurance packages to ensure appropriate payer enrollment
  • Need-based account reviews to examine payer success and avenues for improvement.