Patient Help Support

Patient Help Support

Healthcare is a customer service industry based on the quality of care provided and the daily interactions between staff and patients, health insurance companies, and medical billing companies to assist the patient inquiry. Improving patient care has become a priority for all health care providers with the overall objective of achieving a high degree of patient satisfaction. The fact that the patient is the most important person in a medical care system must be recognized the importance of all those who work in the system.

If you’re wondering how to assist your patient-related inquiry about the medical bill and patient statements, eligibility and benefit, network participation, and front end best services, look no further.


CareClaimz is classified to manage patient customer services over emails and phone calls. At their most, they can also perform more advanced services, such as patient management and payment processing, medical bill and patient statements, eligibility and benefit, network participation, If you need a partner to ensure your customers receive the care they have come to expected from your company, CareClaimz is the right company for you. We take care of patient calls with comprehensive approach to Patient care and guide through every stage of your medical journey. According to our 15 years of experience the strongest doctor-patient relationships start with customer service. Business reputation develops for excellent or poor customer service will be critical in determining whether potential patients seek your services in the future.

Customer-Centered Patient Support Services

  • Caring and empathetic staff
  • Providing appointment confirmation
  • Professionalism and confidence efficient processes
  • Collect and facilities patient payment process
  • Inquire if the patient has any questions
  • Minimizing wait times to talk to a scheduling agent
  • Reducing the time necessary to capture patient data
  • Collect and facilities patient payment process
  • Assist in Billing and Insurance Claims Inquires
  • Provide contact instructions for future engagements