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Customized Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the revenue driver of the healthcare industry. It is the blood of the healthcare industry business process that converts a healthcare service, clinical encounters are documented through medical records, events into dollars, money to continue health system progress. It very hard to maintain business growth with changing regulations, a transitioning coding system, overall business strategy often results in improved reimbursement, accurate billing compliance, and great clinical outcomes.

In order to achieve compliance healthcare providers must employ software technology and a centralized billing/coding system. Revenue Cycle plays a vital role in how organizations can operate on day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, many hospitals and practices make the mistake of not giving enough importance to the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Process effectively to achieve their set targets and goals.


Do you want to increase your revenue profitability by reducing cost and set the business credibility highest space to maintain medical billing compliance standers? 

CareClaimz is here to provide an excellent service in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) system. Our Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management process facilities to manage the administrative and clinical functions that are associated with Patient appointment, scheduling, patient visit, and care services, patient eligibility and benefit verification, prior authorization and referral, chart review and clinical documentation, HCPS coding, charge capture and charge entry, billing and claim submission, claim rejections, self-pay collections, patient payments and patient statements. It also includes insurance payment, and insurance refunds, payment posting and reconciliation, Account Receivable and Denial Management, claim appeal and follow up, write off and closing account procedures. Our dedicated Revenue cycle management professional staff will present you with a real-time assistance program to reduce the administration cost and save time through automation.

Our Revenue Recovery Specialists will provide you comprehensive business consultancy in medical billing and custom Revenue Cycle Management Solutions with digital processes that will reduce manual work and improve your business revenue workflow through the automation process. This approach constantly enhances overall operational efficiency and allows the business to expand its best services to Patient Care.

Careclaimz Provides Best Revenue Cycle Management Services:

  • Implementing an End-To-End Revenue Cycle Management Solution and racking a claim through its entire cycle.
  • Improve revenue by effectively managing your insurance follow-up and claims denial processes.
  • Design Strategies for a High-Performance Revenue Cycle through Standardized Quality Training Program.
  • Design models to reduce Account Receivable and real-time reporting and analytics
  • Monitor revenue goals and visualize areas for improvement
  • Improve the Patient Financial Experience through Streamline Patient billing
Best Revenue Cycle Management